Chinglu Pharmaceutical Research LLC

Your dependable partner in drug discovery and development


Contract Medicinal Chemistry Exploration

The medicinal chemistry group at Anthem has a wealth of lead discovery and optimization experience in a variety of therapeutic areas.  We can help you rapidly identify active leads and work closely with you on SAR development, analog synthesis and DLP optimization. 

Custom Synthesis

Custom organic synthesis is one of the things we do best.  Our chemists can synthesize new compounds rapidly and cost-effectively, keeping your research goal and budget on track.  We can work with you on building blocks and scaffolds synthesis, intermediates preparation and scale-up, reference compounds and stable isotope labeled compounds synthesis.

Our US facility can handle from milligram to kilogram synthesis.  With our partner in china, we can help you with up to 100 kilogram production needs. 

Reaction Optimization and Process Development

Our talented chemistry team has a proven track record of reaction optimization and process development.  We are devoted to help you develop efficient and reliable synthetic routes for your development candidates.